Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2017 With These 6 Marketing Tips

For most of New Zealand, we have just recently started a new financial year. Companies that are strategic and have long-term goals, often already have a marketing plan in place, while other's may have been busy getting their last set of figures in for the year, and missed doing the planning that is necessary to catapult their businesses in 2017. Which company are you?

Marketing is instrumental to business growth. It provides the forum for sales to occur. Without it, sales people have a hard job. There have been many changes over the past 12 months and it is becoming increasingly hard for CEO's and Marketing Managers to stay abreast of changes. Here are 6 tips that your business cannot live without this new financial year:

1. Marketing Strategy:

If you don't have a marketing strategy in place, you will have nothing to measure your performance by, or to drive marketing activities. Adhoc as we all know, doesn't work and is ineffective. With the rise of disrupters, don't fall by the way side and end up out of the game all together. Make sure your marketing strategy has key business objectives, along with tactical outcomes. Include a work in progress report with weekly deliverables and give responsibility to key personnel. Meet regularly to ensure that you are achieving your marketing goals.

2. Mobile marketing

...Is here to stay, so make sure you put a lot of your efforts into an effective mobile marketing strategy. Ensure that customers can connect with your brand on mobile and that it clearly represents your brand on all levels. Keep it simple, yet effective. Communicate via mobile on all marketing mediums including social media, e-marketing and through other digital platforms.

3. Facebook

...Is a beast. Whether you love it or hate it, it now represents 1.65 billion users. In a professional services business, paying for sponsored event posts or blogs is worthwhile, but followers are not necessary. It's more targeted marketing. However, for B2C marketers, you have no choice. You have to be actively involved in Facebook in every way, delivering shareable content, sponsored advertisements and drawing people to your Facebook page. Creativity is the key. Don't forget how big video is on Facebook in the next financial year and as Facebook Live Streaming goes mainstream, you really need to be at the top of your game. Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp also poses a problem for marketers. It's great for messaging and calls - all of which is free, but now comes at a cost as WhatsApp now needs to deliver upon revenue goals.

4. Snapchat away.

If you are focused on millennials then you cannot afford to not be on snapchat but give this job to a 20 year old. There is no sane 40 year old marketer capable of connecting with the audience that has filtrated this much-loved social media tool. Be creative. Don't be too serious and post regularly.

5. Instagram.

Did you know Instagram is the second most popular social media tool? It cannot be ignored and needs to be used with "kid gloves on". Cracking the new code for Instagram is no easy feat as the old chronological order model made a dramatic change to a new algorithm that prioritises content based on its relevance to the users interest and of course, advertising. Posts are now elevated based on popularity as well and is becoming more and more like Facebook, and less like Twitter. There are ways you can survive the algorithm apocalypse though:

1. Make your content more "human"

2. No commercialised content

3. Be more creative

4. Stay on brand and to brand persona

5. Stay away from digital bots that promise the world but de-humanise your brand. They are a killer.

6. Like multiple target audience posts so that it shows up on their notifications.

7. Follow targeted users

8. Unfollow those not following you within 3 days.

9. Ask to repost pictures that are relevant to your brand.

10. Look at the leaders (not those who have purchased followers) and see what makes their audience tick. Learn from the best!

6. Reach a wider audience.

The rapidly-changing world of digital media brings exciting new ways to connect with consumers. Online technology means many service interactions can now happen anywhere, anytime. They can be targeted, relevant and interactive. But, as with all change, there are many ‘traditional’ principles that remain important. And brand-building through mass media remains a very important ingredient!

“Marketing in the Digital Age” researchers found that “digital tech is making mass-media work better.” "Penetration is the main driver of brand growth" and “Mass media are still crucial for effectiveness.”

Reaching large numbers of people, repeatedly, over time, remains critical. And, so far, broadcast media is still the best way to do that - television, advertising, billboards, radio, publications/print are all still equally as important.

 “A brand, if it is to enjoy celebrity, must be known to a circle of people that far exceeds what we in the business so chillingly call its target group. It is not enough for BMW to be only known to that five percent of the population wealthy enough to even contemplate buying one. For BMW to enjoy real fame it must be known almost indiscriminately. I do not know why this should be. I only know that it is.” 

Investment in marketing

Investing in marketing is imperative 'to telling your story' the way you would like for it to be told. You will notice that those who invest in marketing are often perceived to be better or more recognisable than perhaps their more successful competitors. Perception is sometimes all you need. Your website and social media accounts are often the first port of call. Don't let them make your brand 'the poorer cousin' of your competitors. IN Marketing has built a brand in NZ by being clever and taking to the market something that no-one else is doing. We continually invest in innovation and keeping our website and social media accounts up to date. This journey has established us from a digital perspective and market-leadership position, as being one of the best in New Zealand. We are not the biggest and nor will we ever be. We are not the cheapest or the most expensive - but we provide a quality service that is unparalleled in the market - and there is a lot to be said about that.

Jump your business to the next level in 2017 with IN Marketing. Contact us now www.inmarketing.co.nz

Acknowledgement to source: marketingeye.com.au


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