Staying on path when delivering to expectations


Never stretch yourself so far that when the rope can't take it any more, it springs back so far that there are far too many creases to fix. The business person who has the most ideas, doesn't always win, unless of course, they have a team of people who have learned that while they may have great ideas, they are terrible at execution.

I am an ideas person, but as an individual who uses both sides of her brain, I know that sometimes when I am being stretched, I need to pull it all back - and that's exactly what I do.

Usually, I wait to go to see one of my mentors and explain that my world is getting crazy and I am doing too much. They always remind me that my main business, which is IN Marketing, is the most important and I should never, ever take my eye off the ball.


Everything else relies on my ability to delegate to the right people or start and then offload as soon as humanly possible. We have a business plan in place and like many businesses we struggle with our desire to have continuous improvement. Not because we don't have the right ideas, but due to the fact that we start the new idea and then get mixed up in everyday business life. It really is hard to stay on-path. Deeply ingrained in our psyche is the focus of success, when in fact we should create more doable timelines in which to achieve this.


There are many impediments; a fear of failure, not enough funds, conformity, leadership and problem solving. All of which effect our ability to implement new ideas that may in fact be game changers. 

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't. 


 Leadership is key and managing expectations. Building the right team on projects is paramount with the right skills, training and list of expectations for delivery. Timeframes need to be realistic, yet provide some sort of challenge so that the team understands a sense of urgency and the adrenalin of expectation motivates them to perform. Constantly encourage employees and have problem solving huddles on a regular basis.

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